Friday, 17 November 2017

A Day in Bahía Solano

I landed at José Celestino Mutis Airport in the Afro-Colombian coastal town of Bahia Solano with my girlfriend and a handful of other tourists. It was warmer and more humid than Medellin,the mountainous city from which I was traveling, but completely bearable. I was the only gringo in sight (perhaps the entire town) with the rest of the travelers being Colombians. This surprised me since this place was billed as a popular tourist destination, but I never minded being the only English-speaker in a crowd.

The makeshift “airport” threw me for a loop as well - it looked like it had been constructed over the weekend. The ad hoc nature of the airport wound up being a good thing, as we shuffled through the most cursory of security checks, a breath of fresh air compared to the enhanced interrogation travelers are accustomed to in the USA. After exiting the airport we were met by a boy of about 16 who took us on a thirty minute ride in his “Tuc Tuc” (a mini taxi of sorts) to a dock, where we would wait for a dinghy to take us to our cabin.

What struck me the most about the locals was their uniform stoicism. Conversations I struck up with the folks went on without any noticeable facial reactions or any physical reaction at all, really, which was striking since Colombians are known for their expressiveness. You soon understand their nature. Bahia Solano exists completely out of time. For one thing, I didn’t come across an internet connection the entire trip, which was like kicking an addiction at first, but was ultimately a refreshing experience. Very little happens, and so there is very little to react to. Everyone goes at their own pace, which happens to be the same pace for everyone – methodical and non-reactive with a thousand-mile stare.

After docking our dinghy we walked a short distance to the location of our cabin at the Playa de Oro Lodge. We checked in with the owner (Gabriel) of the resort, which consisted of a dozen or so cabins. The resort was very clean and I dare say modern compared to the other lodgings we had passed on our boat ride. Somehow there was only one other guest at the resort, a bashful young man from Bangladesh wearing a cowboy hat.

It was early afternoon and we were ready for lunch. As the only clients at the lodge’s restaurant, service was fast and friendly. We were served a dish I learned to be common on the coast – fresh grilled tuna, salad, coconut rice, and plantain chips. To say the dining options were limited would be an understatement, but when you realize how isolated you are, you quickly become grateful for the quality of the meals at the resorts.

After finishing lunch we still had several hours of daylight. We made our way to the expansive beach, which was right outside the resort. Like the restaurant and the resort, we had the beach entirely to ourselves. Not even the Bengali man in the cowboy hat was in sight. The beach being devoid of visitors meant it was exceedingly clean. The massive waves coming from Pacific Ocean was a sight to behold. Indeed, we had been warned not to go too deep into the ocean, since recently some overly-ambitious swimmers had found the waves to be more treacherous than they had thought. We spent hours alternating between enjoying the crashing waves and retreating back to the beach to lie down.

As the sun set we returned to our cabin and showered, ready for a light dinner and some drinks. Grilled chicken was the main course, which we would grow to appreciate amongst the ubiquity of seafood on the coast. We asked Gabriel, who doubled as our waiter, if he could rustle up a bottle of rum for us. He disappeared into the night, and returned thirty minutes later with a bottle he had procured from someone else, somewhere.
We had several drinks as Gabriel shuffled through his aimless but charming mix of 80’s ballads and classic salsa. I think he was enjoying our company and the evening as much as we were. We danced and enjoyed the solitude as if we were the only people on Earth, which we may as well have been in Bahía Solano. Gabriel’s mix ended and we were left listening to the eternal and steady crash of the waves, inviting us to do it all over again tomorrow.

Find the place for your perfect day in Bahía Solano, and create your own adventure.

(From Doug Grenne (Andrea Ramirez))

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

We go to Italy for Pizza, travel and more

Italy with long history, is very famous for Pizza, however Italy also has many famous tourist attractions and cultural relics, such as Pompeii, Capri Island, Sicanian and so on.

Pompeii, a lost old city due to volcanic eruption , it’s said to use sheep’s gut as condoms. Pompeii tell us what is the past life.  Capri Island owns beautiful blue sea water and the blue hole called Grotta Azzurra; local sea view rooms are always white, maybe because blue seawater and green island. In this island you needn’t do anything but enjoy fine food and beautiful scenery.

Sicanian is also an island, which consists of the cultures of Spaniards, Greeks and Arabs, very quiet, peaceful and carefree. Sicanian with a small population is a tourist area now because of ancient art like Teatro Greco, natural scenery and seascape, of which Taormina is a major scenic spot; local slow life is also something truly enviable. Sicanian seems owning too many world heritages…

Author: Lisa
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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Seychelles was a European aristocratic resort

Seychelles enjoys a reputation as a tourist paradise, was formerly a European aristocratic resort. Although geographically belonging to Africa, but separated from the African continent; located in the Indian Ocean, but far from the hurricane zone. The island is rich of a variety of magical animals and plants, but no toxic or no animals that attack human.

Seychelles are highly conscious of environmental protection. Any tree which will be cut must be reported to the Ministry of Environment for approval; besides, in order to protect tropical fish, not only to prohibit fishing, tourists always are told not to pick up shells. The island has the world's smallest natural heritage "May Valley", very famous for more than 7,000 sea coconut trees, the most prominent is the sea coconut tree king 35 meters high. In addition to sea coconut trees, there are many unique flora and fauna in the world.

The endangered black parrot is the national bird of Seychelles, with very mildly sweet warble, only visible here in the world. And there is a strange tree called LatanyenLat, which trunk is about 5 meters above the ground, but its hard roots about 5 cm thick, deeply obliquely insert into the soil to support the whole tree, and so on. Besides, the world's third-ranked beach: the Beauvallon Bay of Seychelles is also the holy land of European tourists…… Seychelles, very hot throughout the year, it is recommended to bring some sunscreen with more than SPF30+, straw hat and sunglasses.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Palau has all kinds of corals

Palau is located in the western Pacific Ocean, more than 700 miles from south of Guam, composed of more than 300 volcanic islands and coral islands. Palau as a tourist attraction, owns the world's unique gold non-toxic jellyfish lake, where the gold jellyfish looks like golden overlooking the sea, but it is orange if taking a closer look. In addition, local magic marine creatures giant clam: huge live giant clam, more than 100 years old, so far it’s the world's largest marine shellfish, up to 2 meters long. Finally, Palau has all kinds of corals, beautiful and amazing.

Palau has 5 major coral areas, various species and countless. Hard coral area: here covers all kinds of large hard corals, shapes and colors are unpredictable, such as the heart-shaped sea anemone coral, the large coral shaped like a brain and gleaming silver, the mushroom head coral, etc., also beautiful tropical fish swim around… Soft coral area: soft corals are more colorful than hard corals, they swing with the water, here seems bottomless; please pay attention to soft corals, some of them are toxic, so don’t stamp on it.

The major fault area in North Island: the inside is a coral garden 3 meters deep, on the cliffs growing all kinds of corals, very lush, such as blue coral and the golden coral shaped like glossy ganoderma. The colorful finger-like coral area and the giant rose coral area: the finger-like corals with different colors and shapes, such as the small red pink corals with many small spines, and some strange shapes of corals without names, as well as groups of large fish. Palau is the world's best place to enjoy corals, attracting many travelers each year.
gold non-toxic jellyfish lake
gold non-toxic jellyfish lake

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Thursday, 3 August 2017

The rural scenery of Ireland attracts travelers

Ireland with beautiful environment, known as "Emerald Island," said. Although Ireland is a country, but Northern Ireland belongs to the Commonwealth. Northern Ireland's scenery is no better than a dream scene, picturesque.  Everywhere is sheep who kept grazing the grass with their head down, and some sheep, even dyed different colors like yellow and blue, Ireland is also known as the "sheep country" ... so if you want to see the natural scenery, go to Ireland!

Now there are only about 800 thatched cottages left in Ireland, very ancient, but come fully furnished with fireplaces, heating, ovens, washing machines, dryers and bathtub and so on. These traditional thatched cottages popular with tourists, will give you a down-to-earth, warm feeling, although the price is slightly higher, besides you also need to buy firewood for fireplaces… In the yard there’s a variety of colors of flowers, and a variety of berries which you may eat. In Ireland it is dark very late, the sunshine is still glimmering after half past eight, and sometimes a fox can be seen to leisurely walks on a country road.

All kinds of distinctive rural towns are dotted among the vast mountains, are don't-miss scenic spots in Ireland: Adare town, a small village with beautiful thatched cottages; Dingle town located in a valley with dense trees; Cong town surrounded by creeks and lakes; Clifden town famous for native Irish music; Galway town named as western Venice;  Birdhill town owning a variety of wildlife…

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Ancient paper making & White Skin Paper

White Skin Paper made by means of a kind of ancient paper making, is an ancient art of the Miao nationality, can be dated from AD 742,  and has continued up to the present day in several remote Chinese villages, such as Stone Bridge Village with 250 families, also called Paper Making Village.

The barks of Broussonetia papyrifera spreading all over local mountains, are main raw materials of White Skin Paper, besides, local rivers contains alkali, which is good for bleaching. From March to May, villagers will peel the barks and dry them in the sun, then soak... a total of 16 procedures, of course, all by hand. 

White Skin Paper is high quality, strong toughness, good gloss, and strong water absorption, besides, the clothes wrapped in this kind of paper can keep pests away. this small village has attracted many travelers and scholars from all over the world because of this kind of ancient paper.

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

The main spawning area of turtles in the world

In the breeding season, about 95% of turtles will return to the original birthplace under the guidance of a magnetic field, mating and spawning, sometimes they need to swim 2253 km. The below picture shows the traces of the turtles who crawl on a beach for mating and spawning. So far there are no statistics on the numbers of the main spawning areas of turtles in the world, and here is a brief introduction about three famous turtle spawning areas.

Every year from September to January the following year, the Pacific Olive Ridley sea turtles will conduct a collective shore spawning activity. A turtle only lays eggs every month, lasting for 3-5 days. On the Ostional beach in Santa Cruz, Costa Rica, female turtles dig their nests on the beach with their fins to lay about 10 to 190 eggs, then back to the ocean. Because of natural enemies and other factors, most of turtle eggs can’t survive. After one week, small turtles come out of their nests and return to the sea. This natural phenomenon has lasted more than 100 million years.

The Port Turtle Nature Reserve located in Huidong County, Guangdong, China, with an area of 1400 hectares, is the only one turtle nature reserve in Asia, From June to September, many green turtles will migrate to local turtle Bay, which spawning time is usually after 10 pm. After 49-60 days of natural hatching in the wet sand beach, the shells of Turtle eggs will be broken, little young turtles crawl into the sea one after another. The best tourist season is in the summer and autumn.

On the Orissa in the eastern coast of India, or the southern coast of Mexico, you can see the spectacular scene of thousands of turtles laying eggs. Olive Ridley turtles (one of the world's smallest turtles) produces 1 to 3 nests of eggs per season, about 116 turtle eggs per nest. These eggs need take 7 weeks to hatch. Small turtles will rely on the nutrients in eggshells to crawl into the sea after birth. But scientists found that the beach is very close to local 3 fishing villages, so they wonder how the human and turtle groups share an activity space.

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The most beautiful stars are in the Sahara Desert

In the evening of the Sahara Desert, the sky is covered with thousands of stars, liking a weaver to weave a big fishing net with stars. More amazing is the wonder of meteor shower, flying into different directions, like fireworks blooming in the sky, which makes the sky more beautiful. But when the moon appears, stars will be out of sight. Because the moon in the Sahara desert is too bright, after the moon rises, the people within a thousand meters can be seen.
Although the Sahara desert sounds like a barren place, but living in the desert is not as hard as you thought. Tent in the hotel nearly has everything, and quite comfortable. But because desert is always very dry, no hot water in general, and occasionally water shut-down in the morning, this should be understandable. Besides, it’s particularly cold, travelers must bring thick down jacket; really very cold at night, just like putting you in an ice house.
There are quite a number of stars, really want to put these stars into a bottle. I see the Galaxy, the beautiful Milky Way across the sky, as well as a lot of meteor. The star sky is so beautiful that you must open your camera to take photos; maybe you hope that one day there will be a lover to watch stars together with you. The Sahara Desert is the best place to watch stars, so Morocco’s travel agencies offer a special desert travel package for it, normally it cost 1500 US dollars.
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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Top 3 lavender flower fields in the world

The Provence lavender flower field in France, the Kulumba Lavender Farm in Australia, and the Nakafurano lavender garden in Japan are the biggest and most beautiful 3 lavender flower fields in the world.
Provence lavender flowering period is from mid-June to early August In general, mid-July is the best time to travel, in addition to lavender, you can also see the sunflower flower field, but its flowering period is very short, ends before mid-July. Provence mainly has six lavender planting areas, which flowering periods are not the same. Valensole’s lavender flower field is the biggest, and easy access.

The Kulumba Lavender Farm located in a valley in the southeastern part of Queensland, Australia, a 65-minute drive from Brisbane, is well received by tourists; From November each year to March the following year, in the northern hemisphere it’s the winter, while Queensland in the southern hemisphere has entered the lavender season. In addition to planting lavender, there are large tracts of vineyards. The most special is that in Kulumba lavender farm you can enjoy the beauty of purple lavender all year round.

Nakafurano in Hokkaido, Japan is a town, local lavender flower field covers several hills, with different kinds of lavender such as kamurasaki, yotei and hanamoiwa. The flowering period is in July. Besides, farmers also plant many other flowers including white gypsophila, red coquelicot, pink Silene pendula and orange California poppy. Visit for free, cable car costs 300 yen per person, from 9 am to 4:40 pm.

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Sunday, 4 June 2017

The best goldfield ghost town in the USA

Bodie town in the USA was founded due to local goldfields, and as more and more people came here to dig gold it finally became a big town in the past. but now it just means the past, over half a century ago, after the last gold mine was closed in 1940, this big town in California, founded for gold seekers has been deserted for ever…
best goldfield ghost town in the USA
Standing in Bodie town, you seems traveling through time, because you see it as it was nearly 80 years ago, ramshackle houses, furniture covered with a thick layer of dust, old muffin pan, rusty cans, dilapidated kerosene lamp… with the help of local government, nowadays it should be the best goldfield ghost town in the USA, or in the world; each year many travelers come to visit Bodie just for feeling the past.
best goldfield ghost town in the USA
In addition to tourists, this desolate and uninhabited town is also a heaven for small wild animals, sometimes wolves, lions or bears come here to take a stroll.
best goldfield ghost town in the USA
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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Amphibious sightseeing bus will bring you a new exciting experience

Amphibious bus can run both in the water and on the road, diving into the water, instantly water splashes in all directions, which brings visitors a new exciting and happy experience, and to experience two different styles of land and sea travel modes.

Some cities have developed the sightseeing tour of Amphibious bus, such as Dubai, it’s called Wonder Bus Tours, which starts from Burjuman Center, after several famous attractions and shopping centers, directly drive into Dubai Bay to experience the different bay style.

In Budapest Hungary, you may see one Amphibious bus to drive into the river on the river banks of the Capitol, but the ticket isn’t cheap. In Saint Petersburg Russia, Amphibious bus not only on the road let visitors to watch the unique architecture, but also travel in the water. In Ottawa Canada, you may also enjoy the sightseeing tour of Amphibious bus. Of course, some other cities in the world also offer such sightseeing tours.

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

the simplest way to make wine is using bamboo

There’re many ways to make wines in the world, but the simplest way to make wine is using bamboo, Why? and how to make wine with bamboo?
The simplest way to make wine: if using Chinese bamboo?
There is a kind of special Chinese bamboo in some foggy and rainy hills in China, which can be used to make good wine. As an old way with a history of thousands of years to make wine, it has been still used in some remote Chinese villages like Nanping County. Every spring, local villagers choose several bamboos and drill one small hole in each bamboo, then inject a little of grain liquor, and seal the holes with small bamboo sticks. 
The simplest way to make wine: if using Chinese bamboo?
These bamboos continue to grow like before. After two years, villagers will come to the hills again, cut down the bamboos and pour out wine. It's called "Bamboo Tube Wine" by local villages, with bamboo fragrance, mellow, slightly sweet and refreshing. Bamboo Wine brewed in nature have good healthy function, which can activate human cells and inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. Besides, because of very low alcohol content, it’s also a good kind of soft drink in the summer.

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Sunday, 14 May 2017

This village without roads is the smallest water city in the world

In Giethoorn Village of Holland, land vehicles are forbidden completely because of no roads, boat is the only one vehicle, plus it's a very small village, so it's called the the smallest water city in the world

The earliest inhabitants were some monks of the 13th Century, they dug many canals in order to transport coal, as a result, they built a small water city. Nowadays this village with about 180 bridges, has only less than a permanent population of 3000, most of them live in their private islands among big and small rivers.

On peak days it's hard to take a ship for free, so travelers are  generally advised to book early in the morning. Besides, here is also a travel destination of skating lovers, because in the winter nearly all rivers will be frozen.

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Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Great Crack was first explored in 2002

The Great Crack in China’s Huize County formed due to earth movement 100 million years ago, more than 10 km long, the maximum width is 20 meters, whereas the minimum width is only 1.4 meters. It reaches up to 486 meters below ground.

On both sides of it are very steep cliff walls, dark, quiet, dangerous and maybe deadly, covered with countless vines and trees, looks like two huge arras. Occasionally there are birds flying past, or monkeys jumping over... For thousands of years, no one dared to go near.

In 2002 local government began to explore the Great Crack, and has developed parts of it into a hiking trail, a real nature hike, very popular with domestic and overseas travelers. Of course, some travelers come here just for exploring the undeveloped area in the Great Crack!

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Saturday, 29 April 2017

One old tree bridge crosses a river

If nature can also build a bridge? In the Pan Keng village there is one strange old tree bridge to cross a small river, in fact, it's two trees, both of them grew up towards the middle of the river, then twisted each other after meeting, finally formed a bridge, should be  worth investigating.

Yes,  a tree bridge made of two trees is more than 800 years old, covered with lots of moss and vines, still thriving. Several years ago, local villagers always crossed the river by this tree bridge,  in order to protect this unique tree bridge, walking in the tree bridge have been banned by local government.

Nowadays this tree bridge has been a travel destination,  attracting many visitors each year. It's located in Pankeng village, Zhentou town, Wuyuan county, Jiangxi, China.

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Sunday, 23 April 2017

A nonfreezing river in winter in Russia

Arshan in Russia near the border with Mongolia owns 11 waterfalls and endless plain. In winter, mountains are covered with beautiful green forests, and there’s a lot of sunshine, a nonfreezing river formed from hot springs flows across local village… Arshan has been a travel attraction in winter.

Arshan means “curative spring water” in Mongolia, here you can go to the open-air hot spring, drink natural spring water. It can not only let tourists have a good rest, but also can enhance their immunity, add energy, improve their physical condition. Near the springs there are some villages and convalescence area.

Plunging waterfalls have become a glacier, but in fact, you won’t feel very cold, because it’s rather dry. Spring water flows on the ground, steam is floating above water, all white, seems like a wonderland. Arshan has a church, a very sacred place; the locals have attached great importance to it.

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Saturday, 15 April 2017

How does a single tree make a forest?

This small island in a river is a bird paradise, a small forest, where thousands of egrets and bittern inhabit, they always go out early and come back at dusk. It should be very common, but there is only a single tree in this small island, do you believe?  

How does a single tree make a forest? 500 years ago, in the river, a single banyan tree was growing in a mud lump without life, maybe a bird planted... it grew higher and higher, some branches fell to the ground to become aerial roots,  which grew new branches soon...  repeated and repeated like that... finally this banyan tree made a mud lump an island and a forest.

Can you draw inspiration from this natural forestation? now this small island in a river is a natural park protected by local government, located in China’s Jiang Men City.

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