Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Ancient paper making & White Skin Paper

White Skin Paper made by means of a kind of ancient paper making, is an ancient art of the Miao nationality, can be dated from AD 742,  and has continued up to the present day in several remote Chinese villages, such as Stone Bridge Village with 250 families, also called Paper Making Village.

The barks of Broussonetia papyrifera spreading all over local mountains, are main raw materials of White Skin Paper, besides, local rivers contains alkali, which is good for bleaching. From March to May, villagers will peel the barks and dry them in the sun, then soak... a total of 16 procedures, of course, all by hand. 

White Skin Paper is high quality, strong toughness, good gloss, and strong water absorption, besides, the clothes wrapped in this kind of paper can keep pests away. this small village has attracted many travelers and scholars from all over the world because of this kind of ancient paper.

The pictures are from here.