Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Seychelles was a European aristocratic resort

Seychelles enjoys a reputation as a tourist paradise, was formerly a European aristocratic resort. Although geographically belonging to Africa, but separated from the African continent; located in the Indian Ocean, but far from the hurricane zone. The island is rich of a variety of magical animals and plants, but no toxic or no animals that attack human.

Seychelles are highly conscious of environmental protection. Any tree which will be cut must be reported to the Ministry of Environment for approval; besides, in order to protect tropical fish, not only to prohibit fishing, tourists always are told not to pick up shells. The island has the world's smallest natural heritage "May Valley", very famous for more than 7,000 sea coconut trees, the most prominent is the sea coconut tree king 35 meters high. In addition to sea coconut trees, there are many unique flora and fauna in the world.

The endangered black parrot is the national bird of Seychelles, with very mildly sweet warble, only visible here in the world. And there is a strange tree called LatanyenLat, which trunk is about 5 meters above the ground, but its hard roots about 5 cm thick, deeply obliquely insert into the soil to support the whole tree, and so on. Besides, the world's third-ranked beach: the Beauvallon Bay of Seychelles is also the holy land of European tourists…… Seychelles, very hot throughout the year, it is recommended to bring some sunscreen with more than SPF30+, straw hat and sunglasses.

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