Sunday, 23 April 2017

A nonfreezing river in winter in Russia

Arshan in Russia near the border with Mongolia owns 11 waterfalls and endless plain. In winter, mountains are covered with beautiful green forests, and there’s a lot of sunshine, a nonfreezing river formed from hot springs flows across local village… Arshan has been a travel attraction in winter.

Arshan means “curative spring water” in Mongolia, here you can go to the open-air hot spring, drink natural spring water. It can not only let tourists have a good rest, but also can enhance their immunity, add energy, improve their physical condition. Near the springs there are some villages and convalescence area.

Plunging waterfalls have become a glacier, but in fact, you won’t feel very cold, because it’s rather dry. Spring water flows on the ground, steam is floating above water, all white, seems like a wonderland. Arshan has a church, a very sacred place; the locals have attached great importance to it.

The pictures are from Link1, Link2 and Link 3.