Thursday, 3 August 2017

The rural scenery of Ireland attracts travelers

Ireland with beautiful environment, known as "Emerald Island," said. Although Ireland is a country, but Northern Ireland belongs to the Commonwealth. Northern Ireland's scenery is no better than a dream scene, picturesque.  Everywhere is sheep who kept grazing the grass with their head down, and some sheep, even dyed different colors like yellow and blue, Ireland is also known as the "sheep country" ... so if you want to see the natural scenery, go to Ireland!

Now there are only about 800 thatched cottages left in Ireland, very ancient, but come fully furnished with fireplaces, heating, ovens, washing machines, dryers and bathtub and so on. These traditional thatched cottages popular with tourists, will give you a down-to-earth, warm feeling, although the price is slightly higher, besides you also need to buy firewood for fireplaces… In the yard there’s a variety of colors of flowers, and a variety of berries which you may eat. In Ireland it is dark very late, the sunshine is still glimmering after half past eight, and sometimes a fox can be seen to leisurely walks on a country road.

All kinds of distinctive rural towns are dotted among the vast mountains, are don't-miss scenic spots in Ireland: Adare town, a small village with beautiful thatched cottages; Dingle town located in a valley with dense trees; Cong town surrounded by creeks and lakes; Clifden town famous for native Irish music; Galway town named as western Venice;  Birdhill town owning a variety of wildlife…

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