Sunday, 11 June 2017

Top 3 lavender flower fields in the world

The Provence lavender flower field in France, the Kulumba Lavender Farm in Australia, and the Nakafurano lavender garden in Japan are the biggest and most beautiful 3 lavender flower fields in the world.
Provence lavender flowering period is from mid-June to early August In general, mid-July is the best time to travel, in addition to lavender, you can also see the sunflower flower field, but its flowering period is very short, ends before mid-July. Provence mainly has six lavender planting areas, which flowering periods are not the same. Valensole’s lavender flower field is the biggest, and easy access.

The Kulumba Lavender Farm located in a valley in the southeastern part of Queensland, Australia, a 65-minute drive from Brisbane, is well received by tourists; From November each year to March the following year, in the northern hemisphere it’s the winter, while Queensland in the southern hemisphere has entered the lavender season. In addition to planting lavender, there are large tracts of vineyards. The most special is that in Kulumba lavender farm you can enjoy the beauty of purple lavender all year round.

Nakafurano in Hokkaido, Japan is a town, local lavender flower field covers several hills, with different kinds of lavender such as kamurasaki, yotei and hanamoiwa. The flowering period is in July. Besides, farmers also plant many other flowers including white gypsophila, red coquelicot, pink Silene pendula and orange California poppy. Visit for free, cable car costs 300 yen per person, from 9 am to 4:40 pm.

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