Sunday, 28 May 2017

Amphibious sightseeing bus will bring you a new exciting experience

Amphibious bus can run both in the water and on the road, diving into the water, instantly water splashes in all directions, which brings visitors a new exciting and happy experience, and to experience two different styles of land and sea travel modes.

Some cities have developed the sightseeing tour of Amphibious bus, such as Dubai, it’s called Wonder Bus Tours, which starts from Burjuman Center, after several famous attractions and shopping centers, directly drive into Dubai Bay to experience the different bay style.

In Budapest Hungary, you may see one Amphibious bus to drive into the river on the river banks of the Capitol, but the ticket isn’t cheap. In Saint Petersburg Russia, Amphibious bus not only on the road let visitors to watch the unique architecture, but also travel in the water. In Ottawa Canada, you may also enjoy the sightseeing tour of Amphibious bus. Of course, some other cities in the world also offer such sightseeing tours.

The pictures are from Link 1, Link 2 and Link 3.