Tuesday, 7 November 2017

We go to Italy for Pizza, travel and more

Italy with long history, is very famous for Pizza, however Italy also has many famous tourist attractions and cultural relics, such as Pompeii, Capri Island, Sicanian and so on.

Pompeii, a lost old city due to volcanic eruption , it’s said to use sheep’s gut as condoms. Pompeii tell us what is the past life.  Capri Island owns beautiful blue sea water and the blue hole called Grotta Azzurra; local sea view rooms are always white, maybe because blue seawater and green island. In this island you needn’t do anything but enjoy fine food and beautiful scenery.

Sicanian is also an island, which consists of the cultures of Spaniards, Greeks and Arabs, very quiet, peaceful and carefree. Sicanian with a small population is a tourist area now because of ancient art like Teatro Greco, natural scenery and seascape, of which Taormina is a major scenic spot; local slow life is also something truly enviable. Sicanian seems owning too many world heritages…

Author: Lisa
Besides, The pictures are from Here.