Saturday, 15 April 2017

How does a single tree make a forest?

This small island in a river is a bird paradise, a small forest, where thousands of egrets and bittern inhabit, they always go out early and come back at dusk. It should be very common, but there is only a single tree in this small island, do you believe?  

How does a single tree make a forest? 500 years ago, in the river, a single banyan tree was growing in a mud lump without life, maybe a bird planted... it grew higher and higher, some branches fell to the ground to become aerial roots,  which grew new branches soon...  repeated and repeated like that... finally this banyan tree made a mud lump an island and a forest.

Can you draw inspiration from this natural forestation? now this small island in a river is a natural park protected by local government, located in China’s Jiang Men City.

The pictures are from here.