Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The most beautiful stars are in the Sahara Desert

In the evening of the Sahara Desert, the sky is covered with thousands of stars, liking a weaver to weave a big fishing net with stars. More amazing is the wonder of meteor shower, flying into different directions, like fireworks blooming in the sky, which makes the sky more beautiful. But when the moon appears, stars will be out of sight. Because the moon in the Sahara desert is too bright, after the moon rises, the people within a thousand meters can be seen.
Although the Sahara desert sounds like a barren place, but living in the desert is not as hard as you thought. Tent in the hotel nearly has everything, and quite comfortable. But because desert is always very dry, no hot water in general, and occasionally water shut-down in the morning, this should be understandable. Besides, it’s particularly cold, travelers must bring thick down jacket; really very cold at night, just like putting you in an ice house.
There are quite a number of stars, really want to put these stars into a bottle. I see the Galaxy, the beautiful Milky Way across the sky, as well as a lot of meteor. The star sky is so beautiful that you must open your camera to take photos; maybe you hope that one day there will be a lover to watch stars together with you. The Sahara Desert is the best place to watch stars, so Morocco’s travel agencies offer a special desert travel package for it, normally it cost 1500 US dollars.
The pictures are from Link 1, Link 2 and Link 3.