Friday, 9 September 2016

Best 9 campsites in the USA

The List is about best 9 campsites in the USA for your reference:

1: The Appalachian Trail is very famous, if want to camp in the hill road, the best place is Roan Mountain State Park,Tennessee. 
2: free camping in national forests: If you love the ecological exploration, camping in the San Gorgonio's wilderness is the best choice. Hiking enthusiasts will love here, there are 12 roads to choose.
3: The Cumberland Island dotted with spanish moss is a good campsite, may camp in Paul Brickhill cliff, but because of the humidity there are some mosquitoes.

4: campsites in California USA: Kirk-Creek campground is located 30 miles away from the south of Big Sur coast in California, where you can watch the sun slowly falling into the Pacific Ocean at the 100-feet-high cliff. 
5: Go camping at the coast, please select the Mount Desert Island in Acadia National Park. You may experience a high-tide adventure, climb sea cliff, or hike along the coast. 
6: Arkansas White River, since the campground is located just within the Ozarks fishing area, trout and salmon make it the best fishing campsite.

7: The Juniperus forest campsite in Catskills,New York, is a family-oriented and open place to relax, you can enjoy a barbecue, partying, and singing in the middle of the night. 
8: Stirling Highway in Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. From the crossing of Stirling to Homer Spit, is nothing but a charming coastal scenery, best to go here in the summer, you may enjoy the world's biggest salmon fishing party. 
9: national forest campgrounds Colorado: USA Colorado National Park has more than 60 campsites, don’t forget to take a fishing rod.

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