Friday, 30 September 2016

3 unique fishing techniques

Many people like fishing, however the following fishing techniques which seem very funny, are really not easy.

Fishing on a wooden rod,
In Sri Lanka, there is a seaside town called Koggala, each late afternoon local fishermen will swim to a wooden rod, then sit on it and fish, really not easy, but the key is it can't not yield good results.

Kite fishing
In New Zealand, local people prefer to fish with kites in the sea, they hang a fishing thread with fishhooks on the kite string, the fishhooks will fall into water, it's said the effect is very good.

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Fishing in water
Burmese think fish also have a nest like birds, so if standing near fish’s nests in water, must catch many fish... you see, they all stand in the lake to fish! but many people don't believe that it's a good way to catch fish.

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