Friday, 12 August 2016

10 best overseas adventure travel destinations in the world

This list is about Top 10 Destinations for Overseas Adventure Travel for your reference:
01, As the highest peak in the world, undoubtedly Himalayas adventure is the dream of all explorers. Mount Everest runs across Nepal and Tibet, 8848 meters high, there are 2 main climbing routes, one is in Nepal, the other is in Tibet, but you have to apply to Nepal government or China government at least 3 months in advance due to security, and it’s hard to get approval.The International climbing andmountaineering federation may help you to apply.
02, Belize's blue hole in the sea, a huge sea cave system, over 300 meters wide and 124 meters deep, about 70 km from Belize City, is rated one of the top ten diving sites in the world, which can bring you a bottomless experience. It’s first explored by Jacques Cousteau n the mid 1970s. Local sea creatures include nurse sharks, giant groupers, and reef sharks. Below is the video about the great blue hole.  A local travel agency is for your reference.
03, Ecuador's galapagos islands, full of many rare unusual animals, such as the land iguana, the giant tortoise and finch, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world; Wildlife lovers prefer to the Amazon region and explore Mindo, the Avenue of the Volcanoes and BaƱos, but all uninhabited islands are strictly controlled with tourist itineraries limiting visitation. You may get more info from a local travel website.
Ecuador Galapagos islands
04South Africa's Gansbaai, the world's most dangerous waters, is well known as the Great White Shark capital of the world. In 1995, local government introduced a travel project of diving with Great White sharks, or called: Shark cage diving, very popular with adventurers. It's one of the most unique and astonishing land-based whale watching spots in the word,  a local travel agency is for your reference.
05Colorado, the Grand Canyon in the United States, not just a heritage site. It’s a steep-sided canyon, managed by Grand Canyon National Park, 446 km long, up to 29 km wide and with a depth of over 1857 meters. Aside from casual sightseeing from the South Rim, rafting, hiking, running, and helicopter tours are also very good, but attention please: North Rim campsites are only open seasonally and all overnight camping below the rim requires a permit from the Backcountry Office, more info please visit one local website.  
06Mammoth cave in Kentucky, USA, is the world's longest cave system, every corner of which may have been unexplored. The surface of Mammoth Cave is about 80 square miles, but nobody knows how big the underside is. Now a five-level cave system has been mapped, over 365 miles long. Mammoth Cave visitor center is located on Mammoth Cave Parkway, offers several cave tours to visitors. More info please visits the official website. 
07Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, is a shield-type volcano that makes up the southeastern side of the Big Island of Hawaii, 1227 meters high. Some explorers like to go there for canoeing, although from time to time there is 1093 of volcanic lava to fall down. In general visitors go to the volcano from the Kilauea Visitor Center near the park entrance. Besides there are also a lot of hiking trails. For more info please visit the official website.
Hawaii Kilauea Volcano
08Brazil's Amazon rain forest is the world's largest tropical rain forest, the majority of which is located in Brazil, followed by Peru and Colombia and other countries.  It is very wet in this area, no matter what time of year, visitors will need to prepare for these conditions; besides some toxic and lethal unknown creatures like men-eating flower at any time, , as well as local dangerous human elements (drug lords, and so on),  so it's necessary to be led by a professional tour guide. One local travel agent is for reference. 
Men-eating flower
09African High Atlas Mountains, ranging in central Morocco in Northern Africa, over 4000 meter high, easily accessed from Marrakesh, now full of climbing travelers and backpackers from Europe, they all want to become the first permanent residents here. Travel over the high mountain passes is worthwhile, one of the dramatic routes through the Atlas Mountains is the Tizi n’Test (may be closed in winter), but without stops, 222km long, taking about six hours or so, passing Berber villages, Kasbahs and fine landscapes. One local travel agency is for reference.
African High Atlas Mountains
10The hottest place on earth is the Lut Desert in Iran, according to statistics its highest temperature reached 71so it's the hardest desert adventure to challenge intense heat and drought climate. In fact it’s a sandy and muddy salt desert plain with a number of eroded towers and walls, which eastern part covered with ridges of large sand dunes is hard to reach. There isn't any public transportation, so you have to hire a guide or choose the day tours in Tehran or Kerman. One local travel agent is for reference.  
the Lut Desert in Iran
Others adventure destinations: Africa safaris and Papua New Guinea: the last exploration team went to Papua New Guinea in 1960 or so, many local tribes and animals have been unknown so far.

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