Thursday, 29 June 2017

The main spawning area of turtles in the world

In the breeding season, about 95% of turtles will return to the original birthplace under the guidance of a magnetic field, mating and spawning, sometimes they need to swim 2253 km. The below picture shows the traces of the turtles who crawl on a beach for mating and spawning. So far there are no statistics on the numbers of the main spawning areas of turtles in the world, and here is a brief introduction about three famous turtle spawning areas.

Every year from September to January the following year, the Pacific Olive Ridley sea turtles will conduct a collective shore spawning activity. A turtle only lays eggs every month, lasting for 3-5 days. On the Ostional beach in Santa Cruz, Costa Rica, female turtles dig their nests on the beach with their fins to lay about 10 to 190 eggs, then back to the ocean. Because of natural enemies and other factors, most of turtle eggs can’t survive. After one week, small turtles come out of their nests and return to the sea. This natural phenomenon has lasted more than 100 million years.

The Port Turtle Nature Reserve located in Huidong County, Guangdong, China, with an area of 1400 hectares, is the only one turtle nature reserve in Asia, From June to September, many green turtles will migrate to local turtle Bay, which spawning time is usually after 10 pm. After 49-60 days of natural hatching in the wet sand beach, the shells of Turtle eggs will be broken, little young turtles crawl into the sea one after another. The best tourist season is in the summer and autumn.

On the Orissa in the eastern coast of India, or the southern coast of Mexico, you can see the spectacular scene of thousands of turtles laying eggs. Olive Ridley turtles (one of the world's smallest turtles) produces 1 to 3 nests of eggs per season, about 116 turtle eggs per nest. These eggs need take 7 weeks to hatch. Small turtles will rely on the nutrients in eggshells to crawl into the sea after birth. But scientists found that the beach is very close to local 3 fishing villages, so they wonder how the human and turtle groups share an activity space.

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The most beautiful stars are in the Sahara Desert

In the evening of the Sahara Desert, the sky is covered with thousands of stars, liking a weaver to weave a big fishing net with stars. More amazing is the wonder of meteor shower, flying into different directions, like fireworks blooming in the sky, which makes the sky more beautiful. But when the moon appears, stars will be out of sight. Because the moon in the Sahara desert is too bright, after the moon rises, the people within a thousand meters can be seen.
Although the Sahara desert sounds like a barren place, but living in the desert is not as hard as you thought. Tent in the hotel nearly has everything, and quite comfortable. But because desert is always very dry, no hot water in general, and occasionally water shut-down in the morning, this should be understandable. Besides, it’s particularly cold, travelers must bring thick down jacket; really very cold at night, just like putting you in an ice house.
There are quite a number of stars, really want to put these stars into a bottle. I see the Galaxy, the beautiful Milky Way across the sky, as well as a lot of meteor. The star sky is so beautiful that you must open your camera to take photos; maybe you hope that one day there will be a lover to watch stars together with you. The Sahara Desert is the best place to watch stars, so Morocco’s travel agencies offer a special desert travel package for it, normally it cost 1500 US dollars.
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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Top 3 lavender flower fields in the world

The Provence lavender flower field in France, the Kulumba Lavender Farm in Australia, and the Nakafurano lavender garden in Japan are the biggest and most beautiful 3 lavender flower fields in the world.
Provence lavender flowering period is from mid-June to early August In general, mid-July is the best time to travel, in addition to lavender, you can also see the sunflower flower field, but its flowering period is very short, ends before mid-July. Provence mainly has six lavender planting areas, which flowering periods are not the same. Valensole’s lavender flower field is the biggest, and easy access.

The Kulumba Lavender Farm located in a valley in the southeastern part of Queensland, Australia, a 65-minute drive from Brisbane, is well received by tourists; From November each year to March the following year, in the northern hemisphere it’s the winter, while Queensland in the southern hemisphere has entered the lavender season. In addition to planting lavender, there are large tracts of vineyards. The most special is that in Kulumba lavender farm you can enjoy the beauty of purple lavender all year round.

Nakafurano in Hokkaido, Japan is a town, local lavender flower field covers several hills, with different kinds of lavender such as kamurasaki, yotei and hanamoiwa. The flowering period is in July. Besides, farmers also plant many other flowers including white gypsophila, red coquelicot, pink Silene pendula and orange California poppy. Visit for free, cable car costs 300 yen per person, from 9 am to 4:40 pm.

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Sunday, 4 June 2017

The best goldfield ghost town in the USA

Bodie town in the USA was founded due to local goldfields, and as more and more people came here to dig gold it finally became a big town in the past. but now it just means the past, over half a century ago, after the last gold mine was closed in 1940, this big town in California, founded for gold seekers has been deserted for ever…
best goldfield ghost town in the USA
Standing in Bodie town, you seems traveling through time, because you see it as it was nearly 80 years ago, ramshackle houses, furniture covered with a thick layer of dust, old muffin pan, rusty cans, dilapidated kerosene lamp… with the help of local government, nowadays it should be the best goldfield ghost town in the USA, or in the world; each year many travelers come to visit Bodie just for feeling the past.
best goldfield ghost town in the USA
In addition to tourists, this desolate and uninhabited town is also a heaven for small wild animals, sometimes wolves, lions or bears come here to take a stroll.
best goldfield ghost town in the USA
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