Monday, 27 March 2017

Best Favorite Disney world is in Orlando

If you want to go play in Disney World and theme parks, Orlando is the best choice, why?

Orlando City owns the most theme parks and best favorite Disney world in the world, all kinds of amusement parks are very popular with kids as well as adults, including Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Future World called Epcot, Hollywood Studio, Animal Kingdom, Water Park, Universal Studios, Adventure Island and Harry Potter Park and so on, so it need take about 1 week to play at least.

best theme parks for kids
Local Disney is the world's largest theme park with an area of about 62 square kilometers, very rich in entertainment programs, definitely being a colorful and memorable experience. Orlando’s Universal Studios is also the world biggest studios, composed of Universal Studios Florida and lslands of adventure.
best theme parks for kids
How to book tickets and plan your trip?

Of course, online booking tickets is very important, before leaving for Disney world or theme parks, print out the electronic tickets to carry with you, the whole ticket fee for seven days is about US $560 each adult, the below is the official websites for online booking tickets:
Universal Studios:
Sea World:
best theme parks for kids
Finally, it's the HD map electronic version of seven amusement parks, you may print out in advance to understand the terrain and hot entertainment programs, then make a plan.

The pictures are from Here and Here.
Photographer:  Alicey and Fulangxisiming

Friday, 17 March 2017

Let's see aurora in Alaska

Alaska is a perfect place to see aurora in the Arctic, is also a haven for wildlife, Caribou, brown bear, moose... Arctic ground squirrel won't escape from you, on the contrary, ran in front of you to stand up and beg for some foods... In summer everywhere is green, plus warm climate, so tourists come in an endless stream...

The dog sledding game is about US$ 80 a person, usually ten dogs. With one command from their master, the dogs began to frantically run around a mountain path, really exciting... when suddenly turning one corner, you'll feel as if being thrown from it, but for the travelers who love excitement, it's very enjoyable.

Chandalar Ranch's log cabin in Fairbanks is the most appropriate place to see polar light, running all the way after renting a car at the airport, Aurora has already been seen on Chena Hotspring Road. Aurora has green, yellow, blue, white, red and other colors,  however it's usually green. An Alaska girl said she had never seen pink aurora.

The pictures are from here.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

How to Find A Good Travel Agent?

How to Find a Good Travel Agent in each city?

Sometimes we travel without using any travel agent if we are very familiar with that place and have figured out a detailed trip plan; sometimes we travel to a strange place firstly, then contact local travel agents for one or two local tour packages or other issues, nowadays it seems very popular among young tourists, because you need not use a travel agent all the time and have a lot of free time; the final way is to use a travel agent, traditional but still very popular: 

Why and when to Use a Travel Agent?

A good travel agent is always very familiar with local air ticket booking, hotel booking, tourist attractions, travel recommendations, travel visa and other related things. She/he can deal with all issues about your travel, and finally let you have happy trips. 
To use a good travel agent can save your time, and save your money, but above all, they can ensure you to travel safely.
When you go to a strange place or a strange country, it’ll be very important to use a good travel agent, especially if you are a single woman. 

Where to Find a good travel agent?

We like travel, need visit many places and have many travel plans, but where to find a local good travel agent? And obviously we need many good travel agents due to all kinds of travels. 
Firstly you may search on Google, enter “good travel agent in plus a place name”; secondly you may search on Facebook, also enter “good travel agent in plus a place name”; finally you may search on our travel blog, where all travel agents have been classified by areas and functions: 

Firstly, Asia top travel agentsAfrica, Europe, South America,  North America and Ocean can be found at the top; then in the left column you may find the travel agents classified by travel functions such as Adventure travelHiking backpacking and so on, some big countries' travel agents like Australia and South Africa, as well as USA travel agents like Alabama and Florida ...

In addition, there is also a search box for searching travel agents and travel tips on our travel blog, enter a place name, after clicking search, all related travel tips will be shown, then a page emerges with the search result about local good travel agents.
  • If no result, you may also contact us, we’ll do our best to help you.
  • What Makes a Good Travel Agent?
  • A good travel agent should have a travel website, at least a Facebook page or a blog, which is full of related travel information including the introduction on local tourist attractions, local tour packages and travel recommendations, but above all, detail contact ways.  A good travel agent must be very patient to answer all of your questions, and help you to solve all travel issues during the period of travel. 
  • You may enter a travel agent name on Google’s search box, to find some reviews about this travel agent before you contact them. 
  • Additionally as a tourist, we should also be reasonable, a good communication between tourists and travel agents is very important.
  • Group trips,
  • To join in a group trip has many advantages: you may meet many new people and make friends, besides group trips have an affordable price, although it has a date restriction. Of course, you have to know if the price quote includes all taxes and other charges.
  • Travel recommendations,
  • You may get many travel recommendations from travel agents and local travel websites which can be found on our travel blog, Facebook, Pinterest and Quora and so on, Quora is also a good place to submit your travel questions, as well as the famous Tripadvisor website.
  • Do you need a travel plan?
  • Some tourists think they don’t need any travel plan anymore after using a travel agent, but it’s wrong. You should have a travel plan under any circumstances, even if a very simple travel plan, including travel expense, clothes, shoes, common drugs, such as the drug which may prevent mosquito bite, and so on. 
  • Travel insurance & travel Disputes,
  • If unlucky, there is some travel disputes between you and travel agent, first please calm down and negotiate with your travel agent, then turn to local travel dispute commission for help.  Now let's talk about the importance of travel insurance, it can not only protect you in many unexpected situations, but also help you to avoid some travel disputes.
  •  Author: Lisa 2017/03/15

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Top 3 hiking trails in Canada

Top 3 hiking trails in Canada:

The Hopewell Rocks
Local tides are the highest in the world… in the Fendy National Park, you can enjoy the experience of 110 kilometers of hiking, 40 kilometers of mountain biking, as well as countless camping sites.  

Chateau Lake Louise Hotel:
The hotel is located in the world heritage Banff National Park, open to the public all the year. You may go hiking, canoeing, skiing as well as skating, or take part in the ice sculpture competition, snowshoe hiking, sleigh ride and other activities.

Canadian Rocky Mountains:
There are a number of hiking trails, the most famous is the trail to the world historic park. Additionally, the Berg Lake trail within Robson Provincial Park, where you may enjoy the highest peak in the Rocky Mountains; the Fairway peak trail within Banff National Park, where you may enjoy Lake Louise; or the Lake O'Hara trail within Yoho National Park, where you may enjoy lush woodlands and twinkling ice valley.

The pictures are from Link 1, Link 2 and Link 3.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Island travel in Taiwan: Gold Gate Island

Gold Gate Island in Taiwan is a small island well known for the past war, with beautiful tropical beach scenery... local island travel is very different, you have to rent a bike or motorcycle to ride along thin roads to visit different villages, and there isn't any street lamps on the island, although needn't worry about security,  it’s better to go back at sunset.

In addition to charming tropical coastal scenery, a lot of very old different-style houses in Water Head Village are also well worth a visit. Tourists may stay with local villagers, ranging from 30 to 55 US dollars per night.

You should know, Taiwan is a result of past war, so during this island travel many war relics will be seen, which are also very important scenic spots in Gold Gate Island, various channels, bullet holes on walls, forts, underground air-raid shelter etc., cannons still stand here, tanks are also arranged orderly as they used to be... 

If you go to Taiwan, don't miss this beautiful small island.

The pictures are from here.