Monday, 27 March 2017

Best Favorite Disney world is in Orlando

If you want to go play in Disney World and theme parks, Orlando is the best choice, why?

Orlando City owns the most theme parks and best favorite Disney world in the world, all kinds of amusement parks are very popular with kids as well as adults, including Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Future World called Epcot, Hollywood Studio, Animal Kingdom, Water Park, Universal Studios, Adventure Island and Harry Potter Park and so on, so it need take about 1 week to play at least.

best theme parks for kids
Local Disney is the world's largest theme park with an area of about 62 square kilometers, very rich in entertainment programs, definitely being a colorful and memorable experience. Orlando’s Universal Studios is also the world biggest studios, composed of Universal Studios Florida and lslands of adventure.
best theme parks for kids
How to book tickets and plan your trip?

Of course, online booking tickets is very important, before leaving for Disney world or theme parks, print out the electronic tickets to carry with you, the whole ticket fee for seven days is about US $560 each adult, the below is the official websites for online booking tickets:
Universal Studios:
Sea World:
best theme parks for kids
Finally, it's the HD map electronic version of seven amusement parks, you may print out in advance to understand the terrain and hot entertainment programs, then make a plan.

The pictures are from Here and Here.
Photographer:  Alicey and Fulangxisiming