Friday, 3 March 2017

Island travel in Taiwan: Gold Gate Island

Gold Gate Island in Taiwan is a small island well known for the past war, with beautiful tropical beach scenery... local island travel is very different, you have to rent a bike or motorcycle to ride along thin roads to visit different villages, and there isn't any street lamps on the island, although needn't worry about security,  it’s better to go back at sunset.

In addition to charming tropical coastal scenery, a lot of very old different-style houses in Water Head Village are also well worth a visit. Tourists may stay with local villagers, ranging from 30 to 55 US dollars per night.

You should know, Taiwan is a result of past war, so during this island travel many war relics will be seen, which are also very important scenic spots in Gold Gate Island, various channels, bullet holes on walls, forts, underground air-raid shelter etc., cannons still stand here, tanks are also arranged orderly as they used to be... 

If you go to Taiwan, don't miss this beautiful small island.

The pictures are from here.