Friday, 16 December 2016

Thailand Elephant Festival

The dates and locations of Thailand Elephant Festival:

Elephant is the largest living mammal in the land,  African elephant weighs up to 8 tons or so, 11 ft high, lifespan is about 45 years; Asian elephant weighs up to 4 tons or so, 8.8 ft high, lifespan is about 65 years. Thailand is known as the 'elephant country', on the third weekend in November each year, an elephant festival will be held in Surin, Thailand, which attracts many animal lovers and tourists each year.

The interesting facts and legends about Thailand Elephant Festival:

During the festival, many elephants covered with beautiful ribbons and hanging gold bells, will show their warm welcome to all visitors... the final program consisting of many soldiers dressed in ancient war uniforms and elephants,  will show the battle scenes of Thailand people's struggle for independence in the 13th Century with the help of elephants. After the performance ends, visitors may ride elephant.

More interesting facts:

African elephants, you may recognize them from their large ears, besides Africa elephants usually sleep standing up, Whereas Asia elephants sleep lying down.  

The pictures are from here and Here.