Thursday, 8 December 2016

20 cultural taboos in 20 countries

When you travel in some countries, must know local cultural taboo, or DON’T; this article is an brief introduce about 20 cultural taboos in 20 countries:

In New Zealand: Do not press the horn;
In Japan: Do not give a tip;
In France: Don’t ask or talk about anything about money;
In India: Do not touch the opposite sex in public places;
In Norway: Do not ask anyone whether to go to church;
In Ukraine: when buy flowers, the number of flowers must be odd numbers.

In UK: Do not ask the income or salary of others;
In Germany: Do not celebrate birthday ahead of time: 
In Ireland: Do not imitate their accent;
In Kenya: Do not call the name of others first; 
In Chile: Do not eat anything with your hands;
Singapore: Do not eat anything on public transport, such as buses and subways;

In Turkey: Do not make OK gestures, which means attack locally; 
In Hong Kong:  Don't stand road;
In United States:  Must give a tip;
In Italy: Do not choose cappuccino at the restaurant;
In China: Do not take umbrellas and clock as gifts; 
In Hungary: do not make a sound when clinking glasses:

In Malaysia: Do not use your index finger to point at other people;
In Taiwan: Do not knock at a bowl or put chopsticks upright in a bowl; besides the number 4 means unlucky.
For detailed cultural taboos in some countries, please consult local travel agents which may be found on our blog.

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