Wednesday, 11 July 2018

When is the best time to visit Iran?

When is the best time to visit Iran?
Well, the question can be answered from different points of view. One is the weather and climate in Iran and the other is Iran holidays and festivals.
Spring (March 21 – June 21)
Based on where you go, the weather varies in spring from pleasant warm to mildly cold, and this period usually enjoys much rain. The two final weeks of March, coincide with Nowrouz (Iranian New Year) holidays. Many Iranians choose this time to travel. So if you are not fond of crowded places, you can wait till the 13-day period of Nowrouz finishes and then come to Iran. But if you like to see the festivals and beautiful traditions of Nowrouz, you may enjoy this time of the year as well.

Summer (June 22 – September 22)
Summer is usually considered as a hot season, but do not worry. Ardabil and Gilan provinces in northwestern Iran, Kurdistan Province in the west and Chaharmahal-Bakhtiari Province in south-central Iran are the best to choose for travelling in summer with their pleasant weather. In general, western and northwestern provinces of Iran are popular destinations this time of the year.

Fall (September 23 – December 21)
Fall is a great time to travel to Iran for the fact that trips are a bit more spread out than other popular periods. And also hotels offer better prices during this season.
The deserts of Kerman, Yazd and South Khorasan are among interesting locations to visit in Iran during fall, particularly for those who want to have a clear look at the Milky Way. Make sure to visit Lut Desert and also Shahdad Desert; the former is a World Heritage Site. Shahdad is the hottest spot on the planet and yardangs, (known as Kalouts in Iran) can be seen in this place. But being hot in summer, this is the best place to visit in Fall. Don’t miss this unique must-see. Also Fall is also one of the best times of the year to visit central Iran, specially Isfahan and Shiraz; two great historical cities having 7 world heritage site!

Winter (December 22 – March 20)
Southern regions are typically warm in winter! Western and northwestern areas can have snowfalls during winter. But the good news is you can choose the south as your travel destination because you can even go swimming there in winter! Temperatures in Hormozgan Province and Bushehr are high enough for swimming. Can you imagine swimming in February? Also, winter is an excellent time to travel to Persian Gulf islands of Kish and Qeshm. Remember these are free trade zones which you can enter without visa as well. Also skiing can be also one of the choices in this season, especially in Tehran, Shiraz and Ardabil.
Having read this article, you can easily choose a season to travel to Iran based on your interests. Iran Destination travel agency can provide you with any service you wish to have during this trip.

The article is from Incoming Department of Gardeshgaran Shiraz Travel Agency