Sunday, 28 May 2017

Amphibious sightseeing bus will bring you a new exciting experience

Amphibious bus can run both in the water and on the road, diving into the water, instantly water splashes in all directions, which brings visitors a new exciting and happy experience, and to experience two different styles of land and sea travel modes.

Some cities have developed the sightseeing tour of Amphibious bus, such as Dubai, it’s called Wonder Bus Tours, which starts from Burjuman Center, after several famous attractions and shopping centers, directly drive into Dubai Bay to experience the different bay style.

In Budapest Hungary, you may see one Amphibious bus to drive into the river on the river banks of the Capitol, but the ticket isn’t cheap. In Saint Petersburg Russia, Amphibious bus not only on the road let visitors to watch the unique architecture, but also travel in the water. In Ottawa Canada, you may also enjoy the sightseeing tour of Amphibious bus. Of course, some other cities in the world also offer such sightseeing tours.

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

the simplest way to make wine is using bamboo

There’re many ways to make wines in the world, but the simplest way to make wine is using bamboo, Why? and how to make wine with bamboo?
The simplest way to make wine: if using Chinese bamboo?
There is a kind of special Chinese bamboo in some foggy and rainy hills in China, which can be used to make good wine. As an old way with a history of thousands of years to make wine, it has been still used in some remote Chinese villages like Nanping County. Every spring, local villagers choose several bamboos and drill one small hole in each bamboo, then inject a little of grain liquor, and seal the holes with small bamboo sticks. 
The simplest way to make wine: if using Chinese bamboo?
These bamboos continue to grow like before. After two years, villagers will come to the hills again, cut down the bamboos and pour out wine. It's called "Bamboo Tube Wine" by local villages, with bamboo fragrance, mellow, slightly sweet and refreshing. Bamboo Wine brewed in nature have good healthy function, which can activate human cells and inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells. Besides, because of very low alcohol content, it’s also a good kind of soft drink in the summer.

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Sunday, 14 May 2017

This village without roads is the smallest water city in the world

In Giethoorn Village of Holland, land vehicles are forbidden completely because of no roads, boat is the only one vehicle, plus it's a very small village, so it's called the the smallest water city in the world

The earliest inhabitants were some monks of the 13th Century, they dug many canals in order to transport coal, as a result, they built a small water city. Nowadays this village with about 180 bridges, has only less than a permanent population of 3000, most of them live in their private islands among big and small rivers.

On peak days it's hard to take a ship for free, so travelers are  generally advised to book early in the morning. Besides, here is also a travel destination of skating lovers, because in the winter nearly all rivers will be frozen.

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Saturday, 6 May 2017

The Great Crack was first explored in 2002

The Great Crack in China’s Huize County formed due to earth movement 100 million years ago, more than 10 km long, the maximum width is 20 meters, whereas the minimum width is only 1.4 meters. It reaches up to 486 meters below ground.

On both sides of it are very steep cliff walls, dark, quiet, dangerous and maybe deadly, covered with countless vines and trees, looks like two huge arras. Occasionally there are birds flying past, or monkeys jumping over... For thousands of years, no one dared to go near.

In 2002 local government began to explore the Great Crack, and has developed parts of it into a hiking trail, a real nature hike, very popular with domestic and overseas travelers. Of course, some travelers come here just for exploring the undeveloped area in the Great Crack!

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