Friday, 3 February 2017

A good winter resort in USA: Saipan Island

Saipan Island is a good winter resort in USA:
Saipan sea is colorful in the sunlight, deep blue, light blue, light green and dark green...  you may see beautiful fish scales very clearly, they swim between your fingers... 

Saipan Island doesn't have winter with an annual average temperature of 28 degrees. From May to October is a rainy season, but come fast and go fast, lasting less than 10 minutes, additionally a beautiful rainbow can always be seen after rain. Now i'ts has been one of the best winter resorts in USA, especially good for the travelers who dislike the cold.

When the sun goes down, sea wind blows gently, lying in the sea to see stars, warm water pats your skin, very comfortable...  because of local strong ultraviolet radiation, sunscreen, sunglasses and sunshade, it's necessary to take. Of course you should wear a piece of tight clothes when swimming, otherwise the sun will burn your skin.

The pictures are from here.