Thursday, 24 November 2016

The waterfall with the biggest drop in the world

The angel waterfall in Venezuela is not the global most famous waterfall, but its drop height is the biggest in the world: 979 meters; the scenery is also very unique, it's best to see it from the air. The Animation movie: UP Michael Giacchino was shot here.

5 hours by boat to the foot of the mountains from Canaima City, then climb mountains for more than 2 hours, the mountain trail is rugged, difficult to walk, above all, there are a lot of mosquitoes, once bitten, maybe the tumescent bump eliminates after 3 months. The angel waterfall looks very spectacular, water drops, flying apart, a vast expanse of water mist.

Must go in summer (July, August or September), it’s necessary to take a pair of waterproof shoes, raincoats, waterproof camera, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, cold-proof clothing and waterproof plastic bag – and of course, drinking water and food.

The pictures are from Link 1 and Link 2.