Saturday, 12 November 2016

Best 10 places to watch whales in the world

Where are the best 10 places to watch whales in the world?

1, The Azores: from Apr. to Sep, may see the largest mammal animal—whale, rent a boat to arrive on any one small island, the best viewpoint is Pico Island.

2, USA Cape Cod: a small fish village 180 kilometers far from South Boston, mainly fin whales and humpback whales, from Apr. to Oct.

3, The West Indies, Dominica: well known for the beautiful coral and attractive hot springs, the most common are sperm whales and killer whales, from December to next June.

4, Hawaii, Every winter, this tropical island with clear water and blue sky is very suitable for watching whale, humpback whales in groups swim into the North pacific, the best time is from December to next April.

5, New Zealand, Kaikoura:  may watch sperm whales all year round, from December to March is orcas; in June and July is humpback whale; Besides may also encounter rare pilot whale, dolphins, seals and seabirds.

6, Africa, Hermanus: the best place to watch right whale, every July, from cliffs can see broad sea area, here even offers benches, telescopes and so on.

7, Mexico Los Cabos: in early Dec, gray whales will swim to this warm gulf for mating and reproducing, then leave in next Feb.; so visitors have the opportunity to see the whales’ honeymoon and their babies.

8, Quebec: mainly the unique endangered North Atlantic right whales, now less than 350, also has lovable white whale. Need to hire a local whale watching boat.

9, USA Orcas Island: Washington State's largest island -- the orcas island, in the spring and summer, gray whale and killer whale will swim here.

10, USA San Diego: Must not miss the wonderful performance in local ocean world, Gray whales every winter will pass through the Santiago gulf, more than 50 foot long... absolutely an extraordinary experience.

The pictures are from here.