Saturday, 21 May 2016

The only dangerous poison garden in the world

All people like beautiful gardens, but in Britain or UK there is a poison garden with more than 100 kinds of toxic plants and narcotic plants, including cannabis, opium poppy, toxic mushrooms, toxic digitalis, virulent nightshade, tobacco plants etc.. It's really the most dangerous and only one poison garden in the world.

In here,  all visitors will be accompanied by a special staff, and the most dangerous plants have been enclosed with safety fence. Administrators always warn kids when they lead visitors: don't touch any plants, don't even smell, they may kill you! It's said some people fainted during visiting this poison garden, maybe standing too close to toxic plants.

This garden built in 2005 was invested by Duchess Jane, a total of 400 thousand pounds. Its designer is a famous Belgian artist: Weil Mitzi. 

The pictures are from here.