Saturday, 21 May 2016

The only dangerous poison garden in the world

All people like beautiful gardens, but in Britain or UK there is a poison garden with more than 100 kinds of toxic plants and narcotic plants, including cannabis, opium poppy, toxic mushrooms, toxic digitalis, virulent nightshade, tobacco plants etc.. It's really the most dangerous and only one poison garden in the world.

In here,  all visitors will be accompanied by a special staff, and the most dangerous plants have been enclosed with safety fence. Administrators always warn kids when they lead visitors: don't touch any plants, don't even smell, they may kill you! It's said some people fainted during visiting this poison garden, maybe standing too close to toxic plants.

This garden built in 2005 was invested by Duchess Jane, a total of 400 thousand pounds. Its designer is a famous Belgian artist: Weil Mitzi. 

The pictures are from here.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Malawi Lake: the strangest lake in the world

Malawi Lake as the strangest lake in the world, owns an odd phenomenon.

AT 9 a.m. or so, Malawi lake seems to perform magic, begins to subside, until the water level has dropped more than 6 meters; 2 hours later, the lake water began to subside again, until shoals appear… After 4 hours, it begins to rise slowly, but by 7 pm the rising speed becomes more and more rapidly… 2 hours later, Malawi Lake is calm again.
the deepest lake in the world
This could be every few days or few weeks, each lasting 12 hours. Many geographers have studied for many years, however, remains a mystery.
the deepest lake in the world
Malawi Lake located in Malawi Republic, Africa, is one of the four deepest lake in the world, with an area of 30800 square kilometers, and an average water depth of 273 meters. Now many USA and EU backpackers like to go there for local original customs, natural scenery and magic Malawi Lake.
the deepest lake in the world
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Monday, 9 May 2016

The most sunny hiking trails in the USA

Hiking in the sun,  enjoy the sunbathing and take good photos:

Sedona located in Arizona, was once voted the most scenic place in the USA, unique red rock, clear streams, spectacular canyons, as well as shining brightly all the year round, even in the winter, so many tourists prefer to come here during the New Year, to hike, bike, climb and camping.

Florida Trail in the Sunshine State is the best sunny trail in US. 360 kilometers long from Big Cypress National Park to Gulf Islands National Seashore. Throughout the year here always owns pleasant weather, green grass and flowers in full bloom... after hiking, you may also go to the seaside to swim.

The photos are from HERE and HERE.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Where is the last Cannibal

In history, there had been real cannibals in Papua New Guinea. Its'said that they boiled the dead body and ate, then made the human bones into arrows. The main reason is a belief that they believe that they could absorb their power after eating the dead men...

A small grass house where a cannibal once lived, the door is only about one meter wide, one and a half meters tall. a shield, a bow and several arrows are still hanging on the wall, in the corner many human bones pile up, and many wild boar's tusks which were money for local tribes in exchange of all sorts of things.

One local hunter many years ago saw many human bones by a river, which should be discarded by cannibal after eating up human flesh.  But nowadays the last cannibal seems disappear, nobody knows where they are, or they still retain the custom of eating man?

The pictures are from here.