Friday, 15 April 2016

Top 16 honeymoon destinations in the world

It's a brief introduction about Best 16 honeymoon destinations in the world:

Maldives islands, seems the most popular honeymoon resort, like a paradise, the most characteristic is water villas, the whole house is made of wood, located on the sea, with a huge French window, people can feel at first glance the beautiful scenery of Maldives sky line.

Bali island in Indonesia, there are mountains (volcano) as well as white beach, tropical jungles as well as vast farmland, temples as well as beauty, good food as well as arts… Bali is so beautiful and a gourmet paradise combining art and fine scenery.
Saipan island in the USA, a world-famous tourist destination, developed in recent years, meaning the USA + indigenous. Here, pleasant climate all year round, beautiful scenery, but not bustling tour groups that let you enjoy a quiet holiday.

Lahaina in the USA, a laid-back slow-paced town, located in the western end of Maui island of Hawaii Islands, has not only beautiful beach but also more than 30 historical sites. The whole town still holds a unique antique flavor because of far from civilization, but still has high-end hotels and guesthouses....

Las Vegas in the USA, well known for getting married without formalities, can meet all your desire: seeing a world-class show, dining at first-class restaurants, shopping in luxury malls, enjoying a spa or going to the casino ... and there are beautiful natural scenery such as Colorado Canyon.
Lhasa in China, the nearest place from heaven, feel the mysterious religious atmosphere in Snow-covered plateau; Here, love became a divine command, your destiny.  Make a wish together in front of the Buddha, light an ever-burning lamp for your love, then go to worship the holy mountain and the holy lake, is an eternal romantic… besides, due to high elevation, this honeymoon destination requires special preparations..

Phuket island in Thailand, has soft white sand beaches, blue sea and the world's most beautiful sunset. Similarly bustling nightlife, from first-class restaurants to street stalls, all offers unique spicy Thai food. There are also a lot of various cultural sights, or experience the Thai massage...

Bodrum in Turkey, a quaint town located on the southwest coast of Turkey, is a yachting haven, full of romantic style of Aegean. Visitors can take a handmade wooden boat, drifting freely in the sea. Local Ephesus ruins and Underwater Archaeology Museum are definitely also worth a visit.
Nicaragua, is ideal for eco-adventure enthusiasts, the wild seacoast is a great place for surfing enthusiasts, and the volcano is the goal of hikers. If you love wildlife, especially birds, nearly 700 different species of birds settle here.

Banana Island in Malaysia, a private island, if you want to a hidden world for a comfortable life here is undoubtedly a great choice. The island can be accessed only by private boat or helicopter, has only a Resort with 114 rooms, including Water Villas, very suitable for honeymoon couples.

Cancun in Mexico, famous for sunlight and artificial beach, has many hotels with different characteristics. Here you can enjoy rich foods from around the world, as well as enjoy the Mayan pyramid ruins, additionally shopping is also relatively cheap.
Montego Bay in Jamaica, where the beautiful white sand beach endless, with a seaside resort, on the shore there are many luxury hotels and villas, as well as an underwater coral garden, visitors can take the boat with a glass bottom to watch. Here also have many ancient buildings.

Antalya of Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by numerous mountains, a good place for swimming, surfing, water skiing, rafting, mountain climbing and skiing. Lines of palm trees constitute boulevards, a very beautiful historic pier, and delicious cuisine.

Gramado in Brazil, has the style of German towns, in early November, here will hold the world's largest Christmas celebration, which attract a large number of domestic and foreign tourists each year.
Marrakech in Morocco, a romantic city, where there is Arab spices, rose petals, all kinds of lanterns, as well as famous Gena Wa Music Festival. If daring enough,  you can also take a look at the snake charmer show.

Punta Cana Resort in Dominica, located on the Caribbean coast, palm beach, full of exoticism. Here fully retains a natural ecology, palms are only a few meters away from the sea. As long as carry a valid travel document, you may reach here directly without visa.

In fact, every one may choose their own honeymoon destination according to their interest or hobby.

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