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Nov 2 2017

We are from China, we would like you to arrange the tour for us.
The quotation include the followings:
1.The calculation is started from you picking up the team at the airport.
2.There will 160 persons totally, and the first group is 80 persons , start from 20st February 2018 to 27th and the second group is also 80 persons ,
start from 4th to 11th March 2018.
3.Quotation includes accommodation( four stars),transportation, scenic spots cost, insurance, meal, translation ,tour guide, arranging car to take them to Airport
4.The tour routes will be arranged by your company.
5.We need 30 double room and 20 single room for the first group and 30 single room and 20 double room for the second Any questions, please email to us. we are looking forward to cooperation with you .thank you.

have a nice day
Best regards
Mr. Li

E-mail; li@raikels.com