Sunday, 14 May 2017

This village without roads is the smallest water city in the world

In Giethoorn Village of Holland, land vehicles are forbidden completely because of no roads, boat is the only one vehicle, plus it's a very small village, so it's called the the smallest water city in the world

The earliest inhabitants were some monks of the 13th Century, they dug many canals in order to transport coal, as a result, they built a small water city. Nowadays this village with about 180 bridges, has only less than a permanent population of 3000, most of them live in their private islands among big and small rivers.

On peak days it's hard to take a ship for free, so travelers are  generally advised to book early in the morning. Besides, here is also a travel destination of skating lovers, because in the winter nearly all rivers will be frozen.

The pictures are from here.