Friday, 17 March 2017

Let's see aurora in Alaska

Alaska is a perfect place to see aurora in the Arctic, is also a haven for wildlife, Caribou, brown bear, moose... Arctic ground squirrel won't escape from you, on the contrary, ran in front of you to stand up and beg for some foods... In summer everywhere is green, plus warm climate, so tourists come in an endless stream...

The dog sledding game is about US$ 80 a person, usually ten dogs. With one command from their master, the dogs began to frantically run around a mountain path, really exciting... when suddenly turning one corner, you'll feel as if being thrown from it, but for the travelers who love excitement, it's very enjoyable.

Chandalar Ranch's log cabin in Fairbanks is the most appropriate place to see polar light, running all the way after renting a car at the airport, Aurora has already been seen on Chena Hotspring Road. Aurora has green, yellow, blue, white, red and other colors,  however it's usually green. An Alaska girl said she had never seen pink aurora.

The pictures are from here.