Thursday, 26 January 2017

The most romantic path: Love Path

Five Fish Village in Mediterranean, Italy, consists of 5 small fish villages near cliffs. Why is here so different in summer? ...the sun always goes down at about 9 pm at night, and after midnight, local peoples often drink beer by the sea, play guitar and sing together with strange tourists.

Most tourists prefer to hike among the 5 small fish villages, especially a small path called Love Path. Before many lovers dated in the Love Path, now which is not only a love path, but also the symbol of Five Fish Village, only 2.5 kilometers long.

The rhythm of local life is so slow and cheerful...
Travel tips: it’s best to book a hotel room one month before you go to Five Fish Village.

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Friday, 20 January 2017

Underground Great Wall

The underground Great Wall is a ancient war tunnel built in AD 960 to 1127 in order to guard against Liao Dynasty’s aggression; so far the discovered part of the whole tunnel is 65 kilometers long from east to west, 25 kilometers wide from south to north, covering an area of about 1300 square kilometers.

Within it there are also several sitting rooms with air vents, water vat and other living facilities, as well as some military facilities like various traps, bunkers, double walls and so on. Additionally connected to outside wells, temples, stone towers and shops and other buildings...

As a national secret military project, it was't recorded in history, so wasn't discovered until 1950. Later it's named the Underground Great Wall located in Yong Qing County, China.

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Places to visit in Florida

Places to visit in Florida:

Swimming with dolphin in Orlando city, Sarasota city is the best place for dolphin watching, visitors watch in a boat but can not dive into the water, so you have to go to Orlando city for swimming with dolphin...
places to visit in Florida 
Walking at sunset in Amelia Island, Amelia island’s beach is one of the most mysterious places, desolate and spotted with shells.  On the beach you may also ride a horse, or go on a picnic.
Rafting in Everglades’ swamp, all kinds of canoes, travel through swamps, mangroves and Florida Bay, the travel time ranges from a few hours to a few days. This is a good chance to see wild animals, especially birds.
places to visit in Florida 
Paddling in the mangrove forest in the Gulf of Mexico, that's a lot exercise; or explore the Woolverton trail through a large number of small islands which are home to hundreds of thousands of birds, and pick up shells on the beach.
places to visit in Florida 
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