Friday, 29 July 2016

The most unique forest type in the world

There are many forest types in the world, however there's one type of forest without any species of plants and animals, very unique, we may call it the soil forest.
The soil forest composed of sand and clay and covering a wide area, is a wonderful natural geographical phenomena, very ancient, maybe can be regarded as one of the natural wonders. Rich in animal and plant fossils, such as huge oak wood fossil, Stegodon fossil, rhinoceros fossil, saber toothed tiger fossil and so on.

Located in China's Yuanmou County, each soil forest is about 5 square kilometers, looking like many pillars with different sizes and shapes. Because containing dense mica and quartz and other minerals, soil forest always sparkle in the sun.

Not only attracts many tourists and photographers and geologists, but also some famous film directors, so here is also a film and photographic paradise.

The pictures are from here.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Top 6 seaside hiking trails in the USA

Like hiking, but also like sea, then try the best 6 seaside hiking trails in the USA:

Andrew Molera Loop in the Big sur scenic spot of California, 14.2 kilometers long, when climbing the mountaintop, you can see spectacular coastal cliffs and beautiful Redwood forest.

Ocean Trail in the Bar Harbor of Maine, runs zigzag up the hill, but as flat as a board, some towering trees stands on coastal cliffs.
Top 6 seaside hiking trails near me in us
Seacoast trail in Oregon, is a remote scenic spot, 614.8 kilometers long, 39%of the hiking trail is along the seaside.

Napali coast trail in KAUAI island of Hawaii, only 17 kilometers long, a beautiful seaside hiking trail, the sea view is very spectacular.
Top 6 seaside hiking trails near me in us
Chimney Rock Trail in Drakes Bay of California, from Mar to Apr, is not only a time when wildflowers are all blooming, but also a good opportunity to watch gray whales’ migration.

Anhinga Trail in Everglades National Park of Florida, less than one mile long, very quiet, sometimes lovely wild animals can be seen.
Top 6 seaside hiking trails near me in us
The pictures are from HERE, HERE and HERE
Photographers: Deng Mingming, .Kuaile and Xueliaidaogu